Gimp from Pulp Fiction Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Gimp from Pulp Fiction Costume

Gimp Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Complete Costume Kit As we mentioned, easier way to cosplay Gimp it to find a complete kit. This is also a pretty affordable solution.
2 Leather Jumpsuit Still, a far better way is to find separate pieces that are more realistic. The core of this costume is a leather jumpsuit.
3 Mask A classic Gimp mask that covers everything but eyes is one of the most important pieces. Find some with a zipper on the mouth area.
4 Jacket A cupless leather jacket is another inevitable part of the costume. Make sure to find some with buckles and various metal inlays.
5 Leather Hamess Pouch Although not a necessary piece, this could be a perfect addition to spice things for a bit.
6 Black Leather Choker Necklace Considering that Gimp is actually Maynard’s pet, this is also an integral part of the costume. Find some made of black leather with metal inlays.
7 Leather Wristband Gauntlet This accessory is also a common piece of sadomasochist outfits.

Completely covered with leather, from head to feet, Gimp is still a highly intriguing movie character. Although just a small supporting role in the legendary Pulp Fiction, this character became hugely popular among costume lovers. Gimp gains in significance even more if we consider that he didn’t have a single line in the movie. Moreover, he appears just in few minutes. He is a pretty peculiar person, who is actually nothing more than Maynard’s pet. His role might be minor, but his influence on pop culture is huge.

There are two ways of making Gimp’s costume. The first one is getting a complete Gimp costume. Still, this suit is really a low quality product, so cosplaying this movie character would be much better if you go for separate pieces of clothes. With this costume, everything is about leather. Some of the inevitable pieces would be leather pants, leather jacket with numerous metal inlays, a leather hood that covers everything but eyes, slave necklace and few other sadomasochist accessories.

About Gimp

One of the most frequently asked questions about this role is about the actor how played it. His name is Stephen Hibbert and he is an English-born actor and comedy writer.
Known mainly for its bondage leather suit, this character is full of intriguing details. Gimp actually originates from the US slang word from the 1920’s, which usually refers to someone who is inept deficient, or peculiar. In most cases, it is a sexually submissive male dressed in a leather suit.

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