Alien & Girls Spring Breakers Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Spring Breakers Girls Costume

Spring Breakers Gang Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Bikini To start off your Spring Breakers outfit, wear an attention-seeking vibrant pink bikini.
2 Tiger Monokini another option for your top.
3 Black Joggers Match your bikini with a comfy pair of black joggers for a cosy, ‘sorority girl’ vibe.
4 Iron on Letters Add iron-on letters spelling the notorious ‘DTF’ at the back of your black joggers to really get the movie’s iconic outfit.
5 Pink Mask Add a sinister touch your otherwise normal beach outfit by wearing a pink unicorn ski mask.
6 colorful high top shoes for shoes wear something bright colored.
7 Gun Prop Make yourself look more threatening by bringing a costume rifle.

How to Make James Franco’s Alien Costume from Spring Breakers

Alien Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Shirt Get this white shirt to start your costume.
2 Yellow Button-down Top it off with this printed shirt.
3 Printed Shirt You can also opt for this printed button-down shirt, too.
4 Gold Necklace Add some shine to the look with this necklace.
5 Black Shorts Keep it vacay-worthy with this pair of comfy shorts.
6 Belt Style the shorts with this belt.
7 Shield Sunglasses Wear this pair of sunnies as one of the main points of the look.
8 Fake Mustache Then get fake facial hair to add an edge to the costume.
9 Braid Wig If you are unable to pull your hair into braids, you can wear this wig cap.
10 Red Shoes You can add this red shoes for a good accent to the outfit’s palette.
11 Toy Gun Carry this toy gun to nail the costume.

James Franco’s award-winning character Alien in Spring Breakers has a cool vacation-ready wardrobe. He wears a light-colored printed Hawaiian or button-down shirt on top of a white shirt. Then styles it with black shorts. To complete the eye-catching fit, he also has red shoes, a gold necklace, and sunglass shields. Complete the costume by carrying a toy gun and pulling the hair on cornrows or wearing a similar wig.

Spring Breakers is a 2012 crime movie about four college girls enjoying their spring break in sunny Florida. But the twist is that they meet a local drug dealer that helps them descend in to the world of drugs and violence.

Spring Breakers is definitely a unique take on partying college girls. For part of the movie, the girls wear a pink bikini, black joggers with DTF at the back, pink masks, and their own gun.

About Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers is a 2012 American crime film about four college-aged girls: Candy was portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens, Faith was portrayed by Selena Gomez, Brit was portrayed by Ashley Benson, and Cotty was portrayed by Rachel Korine, together with Alien, a local drug dealer, portrayed by James Franco.

James Franco plays the role of Alien in the film Spring Breakers. His character is introduced as a rapper, who also deals drugs arms. He also has girls on his hustle. In this movie, Franco received a campaign for Best Supporting actor from the film’s team, A24. He then goes to win numerous awards with his character.

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