The Ashleys (Recess) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

The original mean ‘It’ girls, The Ashleys are a group of stuck up, rich kids that clashes with the Recess gang. This elementary school clique is composed of four girls named Ashley, and they can be bullying. More often than not, this highly fashionable group of little ladies does not mingle in the playground.

They might be vain, but The Ashleys have a very sophisticated and preppy style. Here’s everything you need to look like The Ashleys.

How to make The Ashleys Costume

The Aslhleys Cosplay

Dress like Ashley A.

# Item Description
1. Pink Button-Down Shirt Ashley A. loves the color pink, and her crisp pink, button-down top shows this perfectly.
2. Gray Mini Skirt The clique’s Number 1, Ashley A. leads her friends in fashion with a gray mini skirt.
3. Gray Cardigan To add to her classy and preppy look, Ashley A. dons on a gray cardigan atop her pink shirt.
4. Gray Over-the-Knee Socks Gray over-the-knee socks make Ashley A.'s mature-looking outfit seem innocent.
5. Black Oxfords Nothing shouts smart louder than a simple pair of black Oxfords. They might be basic but Ashley A. fashionably pulls them off.
6. Pink Backpack Again with her theme, Ashley A. prefers to bring a chic, pink backpack to school.
7. Plain Pink Headband Another preppy accessory Ashley A. loves is her plain pink headband, which she wears to keep her sleek, blonde hair away from her face.

Dress like Ashley B.

# Item Description
1. White Turtleneck Top Button-down shirts can be a bit repetitive and common, so Ashley B. prefers to wear a plain white turtleneck top.
2. Yellow Button-Down Cardigan To keep up with her group’s preppy fashion, Ashley B. wears a yellow cardigan with all the buttons done.
3. Yellow Checkered Mini Skirt The second-in-command of the clique, Ashley B. is the only one that wears print on her skirt. She likes hers colored yellow with a checkered pattern.
4. White Over-the-Knee Socks Being fashion forward, Ashley B. knows how to balance her outfit. She wears plain white over-the-knee socks just below her patterned skirt.
5. Black Mary Janes Stylish and simple, a pair of black Mary Janes is Ashley B.’s preferred footwear.
6. Plain Charm Necklace Ashley B.’s simple chain necklace makes for a great accessory against her turtleneck top.
7. Green Handbag Deviating a bit from her yellow motif, Ashley B. brings a beautiful, green handbag to school.

Dress like Ashley Q.

# Item Description
1. White Shirt with a Black Collar She may be the snobbiest out of the group, but Ashley Q. is still equally fashionable. This Ashley prefers a crisp, white shirt with a unique black collar.
2. Light Blue Mini Skirt Like the group’s leader, Ashley Q. wears a solid colored skirt, but hers is in a light blue shade.
3. Light Blue Cropped Cardigan Ashley Q.’s style might look simple but there are certain designs that make her a bit more avant-garde. One unusual piece is her light blue cardigan that is cropped to the waist.
4. Black Scrunchies Ashley Q.’s cardigan sleeves have furry collars at the end, and it’s understandably harder to find such a unique piece of clothing. But wearing a pair of black scrunchies on both wrists can help you mimic her style.
5. Light Blue Over-the-Knee Socks Like her friends, Ashley Q. has on a pair of over-the-knee socks. Hers is colored light blue to match her outfit.
6. Black Mary Janes Ashley Q. loves her pair of black Mary Janes, and wears them with pride.
7. Light Blue Handbag An amazing outfit should equally have amazing accessories, and Ashley Q. chose a beautiful light blue handbag to compliment hers.

Ashley T.

# Item Description
1. Light Green Long-Sleeved Shirt The last but definitely not the least of The Ashleys, Ashley T.’s signature color is green. This can be seen through her preference for a light green long-sleeved shirt.
2. Green Sweater Vest Atop her shirt, Ashley T. wears a green sweater vest to keep her warm and comfy. She’s also the only one from her group not to wear a cardigan.
3. Dark Green Fake Collar Ashley T.’s sweater has a dark green collar peeking out. But if your sweater doesn’t have one, it’s always easy to buy a fake collar and then dye it the correct shade.
4. Dark Green Mini Skirt Ashley T. also loves wearing a plain colored skirt and prefers hers in a dark green shade.
5. Light Green Over-the-Knee Socks Like all her friends, Ashley T. also wears over-the-knee socks. Her pair is in a light green color.
6. Brown Oxfords Ashley T. is the only one not to wear black footwear in the group. She prefers a classy pair of brown Oxfords.

About the Ashleys

The Ashleys were voiced by Anndi McAfee, Francesca Smith, Rachel Crane, and Ashley Johnson. All four actresses voiced other iconic ‘90s cartoon characters from shows like Lloyd in Space and Hey Arnold! Ashley Johnson also voiced another Recess character, Gretchen Grundler.

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