Ashley Spinelli (Recess) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Ashley Spinelli Costume

Ashley Spinelli Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain Orange Dress Don’t be mistaken by the plainness of her dress’s color. Spinelli’s dress is loud and full of personality because of its very bright orange hue
2 Light Gray Sweater Spinelli balances the feminine quality of her outfit by wearing an edgy, gray leather jacket on top of her dress.
3 Orange and Yellow Thigh-high Socks Playing during recess means Spinelli needs to move around a lot, and thigh-high socks are a great way to protect herself from bumps and scratches. They also look good together with her dress.
4 Orange Beanie Tying her bright outfit together is Spinelli’s bright orange beanie that she wears on top of her head.
5 Gray Knee-high Boots What better way to add a little spunk to Spinelli’s outfit than wearing her sturdy, knee-high boots.
6 Orange Ponytails Spinelli keeps her hair away from her face in a pair of pigtails secured by bright orange elastics
7 Silver Baseball Bat Spinelli loves physical activities so it’s no surprise to see her holding a baseball bat now and then.
8 Red Dodgeball One of the gang’s favorite playground games is dodgeball, and they take it very seriously. Complete your Spinelli look with a red dodgeball.

Ashley Spinelli is the rebellious right-hand woman of TJ when it comes to the Recess gang. Being a bit tomboyish and disliking her name’s association with the playground’s resident mean girls, The Ashleys, Spinelli uses her surname as an alias. This spunky kid loves wearing the color orange, from her dress to her beanie, and adds a bit of edge to it by donning on a gray leather jacket and boots.

Spinelli’s style is interesting, to say the least. Her love for bright colors contrasts beautifully with the neutral gray tones of her outfit. Here’s everything you need to look like Ashley Spinelli.

About Ashley Spinelli

Spinelli is the only character in the show to be voiced by an adult. She was portrayed by the talented Pamela Aldon, who also voices little Halley Wolowitz from the Big Bang Theory.

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