Veronica Lodge Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Veronica Lodge Costume from Riverdale

Veronica Lodge Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

River Vixens rehearsal uniform

# Item Description
1 White and yellow baseball t-shirt As seen in the very first episode of the series, here we have a baseball t-shirt with yellow collar and sleeves.
2 Navy-blue running shorts with white piping Navy-blue or any dark blue running shorts for comfort. Make sure they come with white piping as to make the costume look more accurate when compared with the original one.
3 White and yellow tube socks Interestingly, these are usually bought together along with the baseball t-shirt. These are over-the-calf white tube socks decorated with three yellow lines, just like the ones Veronica wears.
4 White canvas shoes To make your costume look closer to Veronica’s uniform, consider getting some white canvas shoes. Otherwise, you may use any pair of completely white sneakers.

Halter top and plaid skirt

# Item Description
1 Black halter top It doesn’t matter if she’s just going to the store, Veronica will take every chance she gets to show off her wealthy background with elegant outfits somewhat based on that nostalgia 50’s fashion with a dark twist to them. To better reprise one of her most iconic looks, you should be aiming for a black halter top. The next best thing would be a sleeveless black saree blouse with a crew neckline.
2 Green and black plaid skirt If you like preppy, you’ll love this one. This here is a black and green plaid mini skirt. It’s a must for this outfit, so be sure to include it.
3 Black heels Stiletto black heels to be specific.
4 Pearl Necklace To top it all off, complete your costume with a nice faux pearl necklace.

Veronica’s one-piece swim suit

# Item Description
1 Black, one-piece swim suit Here’s a bonus round for this DIY guide. Veronica’s sexy one-piece black swim suit as seen in season 1, episode 3 Body-Double.

Veronica’s Overall Outfit

Veronica Lodge is commonly seen wearing short dressses, mini skirts and blouses; yet, her most popular outfit among fans is the rehearsals uniform she wears when practicing her cheers with the River Vixens. A white and yellow baseball t-shirt, navy-blue running shorts with white pipping, white and yellow tube socks and white sneakers.

The runner-up to this outfit would be the one shown in most of the series promotional material. The black halter top, black and green plaid skirt, semi-sheer panty hose and black stiletto heels. Last, but not least, a faux pearl necklace.

About Veronica Lodge

Veronica Cecilia Lodge, played by Camila Mendes, the leader of the River Vixens cheerleading squad and Archie’s girlfriend. She was raised in New York as a spoiled girl who would turn out to be the typical conceited cheerleader bully with a thing for huge parties. Soon after the arrest of her father, Hiram Lodge, Veronica and her mom Hermione, decided to steer clear from public scrutiny and retreat back to Ms. Lodge’s hometown, Riverdale.

Now with a clean slate as a Riverdale resident, Veronica decides to become a better person and redeem herself, which is why she can be so protective of her friends.

Intelligent, charming, a good singer and dancer. Veronica is without a doubt a one-of-a-kind girl, but does she have what it takes to redeem herself from all the awful things she’s done in the past? It remains to be seen.