Turd Ferguson (SNL) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Turd Ferguson Costume

Turd Ferguson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Long Sleeves Dress Shirt Start off with a bright red dress shirt.
2 Black Faux Leather Blazer Look extra swanky in a black leather blazer.
3 Black Faux Leather Pants Match your blazer with a pair of black leather pants.
4 Black Oxford Shoes Stick to the classics and wear a pair of black Oxfords.
5 Yellow Oversize Cowboy Hat Add a fun flair to your outfit with an oversized yellow cowboy hat.
6 Black Fake Mustache Look more like Burt with a black mustache.
7 Red Bolo Tie Look extra unique and accessorize with a red bolo tie.
8 White Railroad Board Grab this board as the base of your Jeopardy Board.
9 Acrylic Paint Set Use acrylic paint to create the Jeopardy frame and to write Turd Ferguson on the board.
10 Black Ribbon Use a black ribbon so you can wear your board wherever you go.

Turd Ferguson is a character that shows up in the Celebrity Jeopardy! sketch in SNL between 1996 and 2002. It is also the alias used by Burt Reynolds in the sketches because he thinks it’s a funny name.

Besides his iconic role in the sketch, Turd Ferguson is also memorable for his interesting choice in wardrobe. He wears a red dress shirt under a black blazer, a bolo tie, and a yellow oversized cowboy hat.

About Turd Ferguson

Turd Ferguson was portrayed by Norm MacDonald in the series of sketches Celebrity Jeopardy!. MacDonald is also known for his roles in Dirty Work, Billy Madison, The Animal, and Norm.

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