Billy Madison Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Billy Madison Costume

Billy Madison Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 T-Shirt Your Billy Madison outfit cannot be complete without his iconic shirt which reads ‘Frank’ inside.
2 White Cable Stitch Sweater Wear a cut up white knit sweater atop your shirt.
3 Navy Blue and Red Textile Paint Use textile paint to add the details on your knit sweater.
4 Green Cargo Shorts Pair your tops with an unlikely green cargo pants for a unique look.
5 Hiking Boots Make sure that you have on a sturdy pair of hiking boots.
6 Yellow Baseball Cap Finish off your look with a yellow baseball cap, worn with the brim at the back.

Billy Madison is an obnoxious young heir to a Fortune 500 company whose father takes him back to school to complete his grades before reconsidering his succession. There, he becomes popular with the kids and even befriends with a teacher.

Billy Madison is an all-around good guy when he wants to be. He is most famous for wearing a grey shirt with ‘Frank’ written inside, a singed knit sweater, green cargo shorts, a yellow cap, and hiking boots.

About Billy Madison

Billy Madison was portrayed by Adam Sandler. Sandler is also known for his roles in The Waterboy, Little Nicky, Big Daddy, and The Wedding Singer.

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