Ghostface (Scream) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ghostface Costume

Ghostface Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Mask, scream The classic Ghostface mask is a widely known item and considered a classic costume and look in horror movie culture.
2 Robe, black, jagged The robe is another classic and widely known part of the Ghostface costume. Usually the robe you will see is very large, black with a hood, and has very jagged and uneven edges.
3 Gloves, black Black gloves are a vital piece to the costume because you want every part of your body covered in black and to be hidden.
4 Knife, costume This knife is similar to what Ghostface most often uses on his victims and it has become an item widely associated with his look.
5 Voice changer One of the coolest and creepiest part of Ghostface is that he uses a voice changer to mask his real voice and identity. This gives him the power to tease and taunt his victims even more.
6 Boots, black Black boots are the best shoe to pair with this costume as they are simple, edgy, and look very cool.
7 Blood, fake, spray This fake blood spray is a cool item to have and to use on the mask and the knife of your costume for a gory effect.

The Ghostface costume is a horror look that has certainly made its mark in horror movies history. Scream is arguably one of the greatest classic horror films, which makes Ghostface, the main antagonist’s outfit and very iconic costume.

The costume itself might not seem like much at a first glance, but the scariest thing about this costume is that it truly hides every part of the person underneath, even down to their voice. It’s a simple costume as all you will need is a jagged black cloak, a Ghostface mask, a voice changer, and a fake knife, but the outcome is really worth it.

About Ghostface

Ghostface is the main antagonist and killer in the classic horror movie franchise, Scream. The original Scream movie originates back in the 90s, where the first Ghostface character was portrayed by Skeet Ulrich, though as the movies went on, other actors have taken the Ghostface role. The voice to Ghostface’s voice changer throughout all of the Scream films has been recorded from the great voice actor, Roger L. Jackson.