Valak The Demon Nun (The Conjuring) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Valak The Demon Nun’s Costume from Conjuring Series

Valak Demon Nun Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Nun Robe Get a typical nun costume to wear.
2 Black Flat Shoes Get a pair of black flats to match your outfit.
3 Black Socks Cover your exposed ankles with black socks.
4 Mask Don’t want to waste your time doing makeup? Get the Nun mask here!
5 Cross Prop Get a cross prop to wear around your neck.
6 Face Paint Look for face/body paints in black and white color and follow the makeup tutorial down below the list.
7 Yellow Contact Lens Make it believable by wearing a pair of yellowish contact lens.
8 Black Nail Polish Make your nails look disturbing and dead using a black nail polish.

Whether it’s The Crooked Man or The Nun, they’re scarily iconic in their own rights. Yet we, as the audience, can’t deny that both characters play with the classic horror element that gets us every time.

The Nun is seen wearing, well, a typical Catholic nun outfit with black cloak and cross necklace. It’s her scary face that makes it perfect costume for halloween.

If you’re ready to dress so spooky and ready to dig in, checkout our DIY tutorial and item down below on how to dress like the demon nun.

How to do Valak the Nun Makeup

About Valak The Nun

Before both characters had their own spin offs in Annabelle and The Nun, they were firstly introduced to the horror-movie goers in The Conjuring franchise where Annabelle stole the spotlight in the first one while the Nun did the same in the sequel. As for these spin offs, Annabelle and The Nun play out as the origin story for both character before they came across Ed and Lorraine Warren (in the movie world).

As revealed in the films, both Annabelle and the Nun aren’t mere spirit or ghost. They, in fact, are vengeful demons that prey on human soul. While the Nun’s real demon’s name is revealed as Valak, the demon’s name in Annabelle remains untold.