Abby Cadabby Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Abby Cadabby Costume

Abby Cadabby Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Top Use this blue top as the base of your Abby Cadabby dress.
2 Blue & Pink Tutu Add a little more magic to your outfit by pairing your blue top with this adorable blue and pink tutu.
3 Abby Cadabby Headband & Wand Don’t forget to wear an Abby Cadabby headband and bring along your wand.
4 Pink Fairy Wings Fly around with your pink fairy wings.
5 Plushie Bring Abby along with you.
6 Costume Set If you don’t want to DIY, you can always get an Abby Cadabby costume set.
7 Pink Body Paint optionally, apply pink paint on your face and body.
8 Pink and Purple Yarn Decorate the headband with thick pink and purple yarn for Abby’s hair.

Young and bubbly, Abby is a fairy-in-training that you will want to play with all day. She doesn’t live in Sesame Street, but she shows up a lot because she has already befriended the monsters who live there. She loves counting with the Count and showing everyone her magic tricks.

Abby is a cute and pink furry monster who has purple hair tied in pigtails. She wears a sky blue dress and pink fairy wings. She also goes everywhere with her cute purple and blue magic wand. Here’s everything you need to look like Abby Cadabby.

Abby is one of the most eye-catching Sesame Street characters thanks to her pink skin and cute fairy vibe! To dress like her, apply a think layer of pink face and body paint and let it dry. Then you can wear a cool blue dress and pink wings, too! For her hair, you can decorate a plain headband with purple and pink yarn all over to recreate her fun-colored hair. The wand can also be styled with pieces off the yarn to match her hair!

About Abby Cadabby

Abby Cadabby is a muppet character from the hit puppet show Sesame Street. She is a relatively new character who was introduced in 2006 during the show’s 37th season. She is best known with a wand (which broke at some point in the series only for it to be mended by Maria). Her powers include disappearing in and out of thin air and floating when happy. She can also turn things into pumpkins.

Abby Cadabby is performed by actress Leslie Carrara-Rudolph.

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