Yip Yips Martian (Sesame Street) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Martian Yip Yip’s Costume from Sesame Street

Here’s an easy way you can recreate the Martian Yip Yip’s costume

Yip Yips Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fleece Blanket Get cozy with this blanket and use it as the base of the costume.
2 Black Mesh Sew a piece of black mesh on where your head will be, it will serve as the mouth of the Yip Yip.
3 Eyeball Headband Complete the look with this headband.
4 Eyeball Patches You may also apply these patches instead.
5 Crochets Optional prop

To rock the Martian YipYip’s costume, simply get a big fluffly blacket, drape it on your body but leave a space for the head. Sew balck mesh on where you head will be. Then wear a pair of eye-balls headband to complete the look.

About Martian Yip Yips

Martian Yip Yips are characters from Sesame Street. They visit from Mars and appear to be aliens with squid-like tentacles, big eyes, and can be heard saying “yip yip yip uh huh” in their voices. When they encounter unfamiliar objects, they would consult their Earth Book filled with information about the Earth.