Jim Moriarty (Sherlock) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Jim Moriarty’s Overall Outfit

Nowadays, Moriarty, as portrayed by Andrew Scott is not a professor, but an IT technician and consulting criminal. Don’t let this fool you, he still has the bearings of a very elegant man.

Through the series he is shown wearing navy-blue suit and a gray suit, nonetheless, the fan favorite is his signature navy-blue, slim-fit suit composed of a two-button jacket and tampered pants. A white club-collar dress shirt and black, lace-up, leather shoes to keep it Victorian.

Last but not least, the polka-dot skull tie. That element is key. Without it, you may be anyone but Moriarty.

How to make Jim Moriarty Costume

Jim Moriarty Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Navy-blue, two-button slim-fit suit To look like this criminal mastermind, you will need something along the lines of this navy-blue, single breasted, two-button, slim-fit, suit.
2 White, club-collar shirt At the end of the day, any white or light color dress shirt will do
3 Polka-dot, skull tie In his first appearance at the end of series I, Moriarty wears a black tie with a white polka-dots and skulls pattern. Nothing screams “bad guy” in a classier way than this tie. Here’s a very close imitation to that very tie
4 Black, lace-up, leather shoes Like most characters, if not all of them in this adaptation, Jim Moriarty also rocks some of that Victorian age fashion in a modern way. For example, his shoes. Black, lace-up, leather shoes. You may have to brush up those dressing shoes at the back of your closet for this one
5 Aviator Sunglasses Jim wears Ray-ban Aviator sunglasses model no 3025 with Gold brown color gradient.
6 Royal crown, sceptre and robe Here’s a fun one in case you want to a go a little crazy and add an interesting reference to one of the episodes. In the episode The Reichenbach Fall, Moriarty is shown wearing a crown, a royal robe and carrying a scepter. You can find a kit with all three elements in the link to your left.

About Jim Moriarty

The hero is just as great as the villain is. That’s how we measure the hero’s strengths and wits, by putting him or her to test with an equally capable counterpart on the evil side. That is Jim Moriarty, Sherlock’s nemesis.

Back in 1892, Jim Moriarty was a professor whose sole purpose was to put an end to the most famous consulting detective ever. Much of his purpose has changed ever since with more recent reprisals of this character, thus becoming a criminal mastermind with far more ambitious and macabre goals.