Dr. John Watson (Sherlock) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make John Watson Costume

John Watson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black, four-pocket, wool jacket with Corduroy collar The closest thing you can find online to the jacket Dr. Watson wears is this black, button-up wool coat with four front pockets. As long as it has a Corduroy collar and four buttons instead of a zipper, then you’re good to go. It’ll make the outfit more recognizable. If you happen to have a jacket with this type of collar and you’re willing to make little modification to it, consider adding faux-leather shoulder guards to it so it will look even more like the one Watson wears. Alternative Jacket
2 Gingham patterned dress shirt Watson’s wardrobe is full of these plaid shirts, specifically gingham style. Predominantly white in combination with another color, preferably navy blue, black or gray.
3 Tapered, relaxed-fit, blue jeans Plain, practical, comfortable. That’s what defines Watson’s style and exactly what these pants are all about. For a more authentic look, make sure to get tapered, relaxed-fit, blue jeans. Otherwise, any plain dark, blue jeans will do.
4 Cream, wool, crew-neck, Aran sweater More often than not, Watson can be seen without his cable-knit jumper. Nevertheless, it seems to be a fan favorite. If you want to add something similar to your costume, a cream aran sweater will do the job.
5 Brown, brogue, leather shoes Brown leather shoes are good, but brown leather shoes with broguing are even better. A nice inclusion to your costume and a fancy one worth having in your wardrobe.
6 Brown leather belt Make sure to have a brown leather belt to go with the shoes!
7 Silver cane Watson has a limp that comes and goes due to his PTSD, which is why he carries a cane every now and then. Turns out all he needs is adventure to forget everything about it. Now, hopefully you’ll never really need a cane, and though it’s not really a must, you can add a silver cane to your costume to make it easier to identify.

John Watson’s Overall Look

Watson used to be an army doctor and fusilier for the Royal Corps. Now in his 40’s some of his traits as a military man are showing through his outfit. Not very fashionable, yet practical, presentable and neat.

A plaid shirt, usually Gingham style, a black shooting jacket, some relaxed, tapered blue jeans, brown leather shoes and a matching brown leather belt. Now, many cosplayers like to add his Aran sweater to the outfit, but it’s not really a must since Watson only wears it a couple of times throughout the show. The other elements cannot be missing though.

We hope you enjoy your costume as you enter your next costume party with your gang all dressed-up like Sherlock’s characters.

About Dr. John Watson

John Watson, the war-seasoned doctor who accompanied the venturous Sherlock Holmes and helped him solve some of the most intriguing mysteries. Not only a loyal sidekick, but also the one responsible for carefully recording Sherlock’s cases and daily life in his personal journal.

There have been many a great portrayals of this doctor, including everything from the classic easy-going, note-taking assistant to the action hero sidekick, but this time we’ll cover John Watson as played by Martin Freeman in the BBC series, Sherlock.

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