How to make Sherlock Holmes Costume

Sherlock Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black, wool guards coat The black, wool guards coat Sherlock wears in the BBC series takes his classic brown trench coat and gives it a modern twist. It retains the dramatic flair while keeping it simple, elegant and practical. Something worth noting is the red buttonhole embroidered to the lapel of his coat. Make sure to add it for a more authentic look. Alternatively you can wear Black Long Jacket Overcoat
2 Navy-blue scarf This item right here can’t go missing in your outfit. It is a vital part of the costume. A navy-blue cashmere scarf with tasseled ends is preferred, but a pain blue scarf will work as well.
3 Black, two-button jacket If you happen to have a black, slim-fit, suit in your closet, you’re done with most of the outfit. If not, you could start by getting a black, slim-fit, two-button jacket.
4 Black dress pants For a more accurate look, try to get these black, slim-fit, straight, dress pants.
5 White/ Purple shirt When we’re first introduced to Sherlock, he’s about to examine a corpse in a rather unorthodox way. At that moment, he wears a white, long-sleeve, dress shirt. As the series progresses, he swaps that shirt for the sweet purple shirt cosplayers know and love. Though purple seems to be more popular, you may go with white and it will be perfectly fine too
6 Black leather shoes Something that usually goes unnoticed is Sherlock’s footwear. It seems the show’s designers get a kick out of bringing back some of that good ‘ol Victorian fashion with a modern air to it. So is the case of this detective’s shoes. These are black, patent leather shoes with decorative broguing and toecaps.
7 Black Gloves Black leather gloves are preferred, but cotton ones are just as fine.
8 Deerstalking hat Of course the famous deerstalking hat would make it to the live action series eventually. You can find it in the link to your left.
9 Detective Pipe The classic look of Sherlock is smoking his pipe
10 Pocket Magnifier slide-out Optional. Sherlock uses modern magnifying glass

Sherlock Holmes Overall Outfit

A few minutes into the show and we are already introduced to a different, more-elegant Sherlock Holmes in an outfit that would set the tone of his wardrobe for almost the entire run of the series.

This time around, Sherlock, as portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, wears a black, wool guards coat on top of a slim fit suit; a white, long-sleeve, dress shirt and his signature accessory, the blue wool scarf.

That sums up his outfit in very general words.

About Sherlock Holmes

It’s time to take a look at the world’s most famous detective. No, we are not talking about Batman. We’re talking about Sherlock Holmes. This master of deduction has taken a huge leap from the pages of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic back in 1887 into many great adaptations in the big screen and TV. However, let’s focus in BBC’s Sherlock. This take on the eccentric detective has become a massive hit mainly due to its uncanny faithful adaption of Holmes’ adventures during the Victorian age to modern-day London.


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