Pyramid Head (Silent Hill) Costume Guide for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Pyramid Head costume

Pyramid Head Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Fabric Wrap a white fabric around your torse. Make sure to make it look old, dirty, and bloodied by using fake blood.
2 Brown Leather Fabric Use this brown leather fabric to make a thick waist belt.
3 Brown Leather Boots Pyramid Head might be a monster, but even some monsters need good boots.
4 EVA Foam Use this thick and durable EVA Foam to craft your Great Knife. Color it with metallic silver paint and make it look bloodied and rusty.
5 Wooden Dowel Use a wooden dowel or two for the Great Knife handle.
6 Foam Roll Use this thinner and light foam roll to create your triangular helmet.
7 Assorted Paint Use lots of different paint colors to make your pieces look hyper-realistic.
8 Broadsword a PVC cosplay sword prop for pyramid head
9 Skirt Handmade skirt, painted & airbrushed
10 Blade A more detailed & scary weapon

Pyramid Head is one of monsters present in the Silent Hill universe. It is also one the main and most well-known antagonists of the series. Pyramid Heads can be likened to executioners, and they are here in the world to punish all the sins that humans and non-humans have committed.

Pyramid Head definitely looks scary enough even just standing and doing nothing. It has the body of a male man who has a long, bloodied, dirty white fabric wrapped around his torso and a very long and deadly-looking Great Sword. Where a human head would’ve been, there’s only a metallic-looking triangle shape on top. Here’s everything you need to look like Pyramid Head.

About Pyramid Head

While Pyramid Head might not have a credited actor in the film, you can search up Roberto Campanello. He was the movement coordinator for the Silent Hill film.

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