Gemma Teller Morrow (Sons of Anarchy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to make Gemma Teller Morrow costume

Gemma Teller Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Graphic Top Gemma is fond of wearing dark colored shirts with graphics printed on it. To celebrate her show, why not wear a black Sons of Anarchy tee?
2 Black Leather Jacket Level up your spunk with an awesome black leather jacket just like the one Gemma favors.
3 Ripped Denim Pants A look of both style and comfort, Gemma likes wearing a pair of ripped denim jeans. She may be a grandma, but she’s a cool one.
4 Black Braided Belt Gemma’s age can be seen by her fashions choices. Her black braided belt is a slightly punk version of the ‘80s era.
5 Black Fingerless Gloves Being the wife and mother of bikers, it’s no surprise that Gemma also rides so she’ll need to keep her hands protected by using gloves.
6 Black Boots Wear a sturdy pair of black boots to finish off your Gemma outfit.
7 Black and Blonde Wig This black wig is a great base for Gemma’s hair style. Just add blonde streaks to get her signature look.

Gemma is one type of mother you wouldn’t want to have. She may be loyal to a certain degree. Plus, she puts family first in a demented way. But, her immoral acts to keep them protected do more harm than good, more often than not. It’s no surprise that she endured the ending she got.

Gemma’s style is very edgy like her tough personality. She wears a lot of black and embodies the ultimate biker queen that she is. Here’s everything you need to look like Gemma Teller Morrow.

About Gemma Teller Morrow

Gemma Teller Morrow is played by versatile actress Katy Sagal who also played Turanga Leela in Futurama and Peggy Bundy in Married with Children.

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