Stan Marsh Costume from South Park for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Stan Marsh’s Costume from South Park

Stan Marsh Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Beanie Start the costume by securing your very own blue and red beanie.
2 Brown Sweater Keep warm by wearing this sweater.
3 Scarf Add a red scarf to the outfit.
4 Mittens Then, wear mittens to match the scarf.
5 Pants Get a pair of blue pants.
6 Black Shoes For your shoes, you can wear your choice of dark ones.

Stan Marsh’s costume is really casual and cozy. He has a signature blue and red beanie which he wears with a red scarf and a pair of mittens. For his outfit, he also has a brown cardigan and blue pants.

About Stan Marsh

Stan Marsh is a character from animated sitcom South Park. He is an elementary school student in South Park, Colorado. Stan is generally described as logical, patient, and sensitive. As the adults who live in South Park rarely use common sense, he openly expresses his opinions to such adults.