Towelie Costume from South Park for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Towelie’s Costume from South Park

Towelie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Towelie Set You can start this outfit with a Towelie set.
2 Cardboard For a DIY take, you can start with a large cardboard that can cover a large surface of your body.
3 White Paint Decorate the cardboard with a layer of white paint as base.
4 Blue Paint Then, be sure to add the main paint color for Towelie’s look which comes in light blue.
5 Black Paint Draw the outlines of Towelie’s outfit using white paint. Once it dries, finish the details with black paint.
6 Blue Ribbon Once the cardboard is done, be sure to add a strip of blue ribbon to the shoulder or neck part of the outfit to make it easier to wear.
7 Yellow Shoes Complete the costume with a pair of yellow shoes.

Towelie’s costume can be recreated by painting a cardboard with light blue, white, and black colors. Make sure that the cardboard is cut in a size that covers the front part of your body well. Then, nail the look with a pair of yellow shoes.

About Towelie

Towelie from the the hit animated sitcom South Park. He is a talking towel made by Tynacorp. His main purpose is to make people as dry as necessary. In the episodes he is on, he can be seen appearing suddenly to give towel advice or when getting high. Upon getting high, the theme song for Popeye plays in the background.

Towelie is portrayed as a living, talking towel who often becomes involved in various misadventures with the main characters of the show. He is known for being addicted to marijuana and frequently angling for ways to get high. In many episodes, Towelie’s catchphrase “Don’t forget to bring a towel!” is repeated, reminding people to always have a towel handy.

Despite his addiction and somewhat laid-back personality, Towelie has proven to be resourceful and occasionally helpful when faced with challenges. He possesses numerous abilities such as being able to emit an absorbent material from his body (though it affects his overall intelligence) and even having some proficiency in martial arts.

Throughout the series, Towelie has appeared in several episodes, often being used for comedic effect or social commentary on topics like drug use or government surveillance. The character’s humor primarily revolves around his stoner persona and inability to function effectively without getting high.

Towelie’s popularity within the South Park community extends beyond the TV show itself. The character has been featured in various forms of merchandise including t-shirts, towels (of course), video games, and even has its own official Twitter account.

While it may seem unusual for a simple concept like a talking towel to become such a memorable character, Towelie has managed to carve out a place among South Park fans and remains an iconic figure within the animated series.