Front Man (Squid Game) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make the Front Man’s Costume from Squid Game

Front Man Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Overcoat You must start the attire with a hooded coat.
2 Rain Coat This is a more afforable option for the coat for those looking for a lighter version.
3 Dark Pants Then wear dark pants for your costume, too.
4 Mask Get the Front Man’s special mask from specialty shops like this.
5 Gloves Then wear gloves to complete his ensemble.
6 Black Shoes For the final touch, nail the all-black look with dark shoes.

Like the rest of the guards, the Front Man hides his identity behind his mask. His is made more intricate compared to the guards’. To recreate his iconic look, be sure to wear a hooded long coat and dark pants. You can also get a pair of black gloves and black shoes to nail his costume.

About the Front Man

The Front Man is the person overseeing all of the Squid Game events. He is seen as a mysterious character that is dressed in full black. He gives orders on the games as well as in maintaining the secrecy of identities and equality in the game. The Front Man is also the one who received the VIP guests in behalf of the Host.