Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Captain Kirk Costume

Captain Kirk Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Starfleet Top Captain Kirk wears a yellow Starfleet top to show that he works at the Command department of the USS Enterprise.
2 Black Pants Part of the Starfleet uniform is a smart pair of black pants.
3 Black Boots Black boots makes space exploration easier for Starfleet personnel.
4 Classic Phaser Gun Captain Kirk defends himself and his work family by using a Phaser gun.
5 Classic Communicator Having a Communicator is essential when out traveling in space.
6 Toddlers Costume Set Transform your toddler into Captain Kirk with this costume set.

Captain James Tiberius Kirk is arguably the most decorated captain the Starfleet has ever known. He was the captain of the famous starship, USS Enterprise. He also served under the United Federation of Planets as an explorer, militant, and time traveler during the 23rd century.

Captain Kirk is known for his Starfleet uniform. He wears a gold, long-sleeved Starfleet top paired with black pants and black boots. He has a gold Starfleet pin and carries a Phaser gun and Communicator on his person. Here’s everything you need to look like Captain Kirk.

About Captain Kirk

Captain James T. Kirk was first portrayed by William Shatner. He was played by Chris Pine for the recent versions of Star Trek.

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