Nyota Uhura Costume from Star Trek for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Nyota Uhura’s Costume from Star Trek

Nyota Uhura Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Costume Get the cosplay started with this special dress made for her character.
2 Red Dress For a DIY look, get a long-sleeved red dress.
3 Star Trek Pin Wear a pin on the dress, too.
4 Stockings Get a pair of pantyhose or stockings.
5 Boots Wear these boots together with the stockings.
6 Wig Complete the costume with this wig.

Uhura’s costume is a stunner. She wears a red dress with a special pin for the show. She has her hair up and styles her dress with stockings and a pair of boots!

About Nyota Uhura

Nyota Uhura is a character from the series Star Trek. She is from the United States of Africa and she speaks Swahili. It was revealed that she was born on January 19, 2233. Uhura first appeared in the episode “The Man Trap”, joining the USS Enterprise as a lieutenant and head of communications under Capt. Kirk.