Aayla Secura Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to make Aayla Secura Costume

Aayla Secura Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Body Paint Aayla Secura is has a blue skin, so the first thing you should do is to paint yourself. Find some good-quality paint color that won’t have bad effects on your skin.
2 Twi’lek Head Tails Just like every Twi’lek, Aayla also has those recognizable head tails, which are also blue. You can purchase this piece, or make it by yourself. There are many “How to Make” tutorials on the internet.
3 Leather Head Wrap Set Another Aayla’s recognizable piece. Find some headwrap set, or make it by yourself. It shouldn’t be so hard since you’ll need just a piece of brown leather.
4 Brown Leather Boots Well, we can’t imagine an action lady without proper boots. This girl wears knee-high brown leather boots with the low or medium heel.
5 Tight Brown Pants Aayla Secura looks pretty hot, so it’s not wondering that she wears tight pants. Still, she is a Jedi, always ready for action, so these pants should be stretchy. You probably have some of these in your closet. Any kind will do just fine.
6 Brown Crop Top Another piece of clothes you need to get is a brown leather crop top or vest, or something like that. The original piece is somewhere between and also comes with one sleeve.
7 Leather Warmer Single-Sleeve Jacket Originally, Aayla Secura wears a unique single piece of clothes. Combine this piece with some brown leather vest or top, it should be just fine.
8 Brown Leather Belt and Apron This piece is an inevitable part of the very superwoman outfit, including Aayla Secura.
9 Blue Lightsaber This girl is a Jedi, so lightsaber is her primary weapon. Find the blue one to match he skin color.

Aayla Secura comes from the planet Ryloth and just like all Twi’lek women she is famous for great beauty. Still, this girl is a Force-sensitive and unlike other girls, she wasn’t enslaved or became a dancer. She became a Jedi master. Known as an excellent swordsman, she also has powers in telekinesis and can also become invisible to the naked eye. Besides all these skills, she is also characterized by great intellect and was a great military tactician and leader.

Aayla Secura is characterized by the outfit that follows her super-hot appearance. She is a curvy and athletic Jedi who prefer tight clothes. Some of her recognizable pieces are a single-sleeve crop top, tight pants, knee-high leather boots and belt with apron. She is a Twi’lek, so there are those recognizable head tails, while her pigment is blue.

About Aayla Secura

As a highly skilled Jedi, Aayla Secura is very strong with the force. Besides amazing lightsaber skills and great intellect, she also poses many other powers. One of them is telekinesis. This is a great tool for both defense and offense. There are so-called Force Push and Force Pull moves, with which she can send her opponents into the air or pull them and other objects toward her.

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