Cal Kestis (Star Wars) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Cal Kestis Costume

Cal Kestis Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Long-Sleeve T-Shirt Start your outfit with a plain black, long-sleeve shirt.
2 Navy Hooded Poncho Blend with your surroundings with the help of a hooded poncho.
3 Black Skinny Denim Pants Choose black pants to match your shirt.
4 Black Motorcycle Boots Be able to move around freely with a pair of black boots.
5 Brown Wig Wear a brown wig to look more like Cal.
6 Leather Strap Use a leather strap to DIY your chest harness.
7 Snap Fasteners Kit Add snap fasteners to make your harness look more authentic.
8 Buckles and Rings Set Add more details to your harness.
9 Brown Armor Cuff Protect your arms with a brown cuff.
10 Brown Waist Bag Have your essentials handy with a brown waist bag.
11 Brown Left Hand Gauntlet Protect your arm with a gauntlet.
12 Blue Lightsaber Arm yourself with a blue lightsaber.
13 BD-1 Toy Bring BD-1 along with you.

Cal Kestis was a Padawan when Order 66, which wiped out most of the Jedi Order, was issued. He saw many of his comrades fall, including his Jedi Master, to the hands of the clones which he considered his friends. After that, the friendly and bright Cal became quiet and reserved. He hid in the planet of Bracca for some time before embarking a perilous journey to save the lives of force-sensitive children.

Cal Kestis is a young human male who prefers simple clothing that can easily blend with surroundings. He wears a black long-sleeve shirt, black pants, black boots, a hooded poncho with straps, and an arm gauntlet.

About Cal Kestis

Cal Kestis was voiced by Cameron Monaghan. Monaghan is also known for his roles in The Giver, Vampire Academy, Click, and Gotham.

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