Admiral Ackbar Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to make Admiral Ackbar Costume

Admiral Ackbar Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Mask The most distinguish detail of the Admiral Ackbar’s costume is definitely his mask since he is some kind of unique amphibian. These masks are pretty hard to find, but there are some global stores like this one that is specialized for masks of various movie and cartoon characters.
2 Hands Another piece of the costume that could be pretty challenging to find. You probably won’t be lucky to find the exact Ackbar hands, but go for some other Halloween costume monster hands, it should be close enough.
3 Ivory/White Off Tunic Pretty much any tunic of these colors would be ok.
4 Brown/Olive Vest Another important piece of Admiral Ackbar’s clothing is some kind of Olive/Brown vest that overlaps from one side to another, without buttons or some other closures.
5 Military Range Badge Patch A military uniform can’t be complete without some rank badge. This character is an admiral so this is a must. Find some military-rang badge, or even some Star Wars patch to put on the vest.
6 Brown Loose Trousers Another piece of clothes you need to wear are some brown loose pants. Any kind of these should be ok, so don’t bother yourself with finding the exact fit.
7 Brown Leather Belt with Silver Buckle Find some old-school brown leather belt with a large silver buckle. It would be perfect for this occasion.
8 Brown Leather Boots Somelow-heel brown leather boots.
9 Blaster Gun Finally, some blaster gun would be a great addition to this costume.

The most important thing in cosplaying Admiral Ackbar is to find its recognizable mask, characterized by large fish-like eyes. Other pieces of the costume shouldn’t be so difficult to find. This character wears a classic Star Wars military uniform. Some of the most notable pieces are an ivory tunic, olive vest, brown belt with a large buckle, brown boots etc. Consider adding few accessories like a military rank patch or blaster gun.

With so many battles behind, Admiral Ackbar is known as a brilliant tactician. He is a member of amphibious species called Mon Calamari, characterized by salmon-colored skin, high-domed head, and large fish-like eyes. His original appearance was in 1983 Return of The Jedi when he had just a supporting role. Later he became one of the most prominent characters in the novels, comics and other pieces of the Star Wars franchise.

About Admiral Ackbar

Believe it or not, Admiral Ackbar was actually portrayed by two different people. On one side, Tim Rose done the physical portrayal, but he didn’t provide any voice. He actually had no audition but got the job by only asking for it. On the other side, the voice was provided by Erik Bauersfeld. Interestingly, he spent just one hour to record all the lines of the Admiral Ackbar in the Return of The Jedi.

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