Chewbacca (Star Wars) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Chewbacca costume

Chewbacca Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Jumpsuit Try to find some jumpsuit that mimics Chewbacca’s fur realistically enough
2 Mask Chewbacca is a unique specie from the far planet. That’s why his face is so unique.
3 Hands You’ll need Chewbacca’s unique hands to complete the costume. This is probably the only part of his body that is not covered with hair.
4 Bowcaster Gun Chewbacca is a pretty capable guy. When it comes to weapons, he uses pretty much all of them. Still, a bowcaster gun is his signature piece
5 Complete Costume Kit This is the other way you can do Chewbacca costume. A costume kit that covers the whole body. This will look far more realistic. Still, you will have to include bowcaster gun as well

Chewbacca actually looks like every Wookiee, which is one of the species from the planet Kashyyyk. This costume should be pretty straightforward. There aren’t many details. It is all about long-hair fur. Additionally, there are few details like ammo belt and custom made blaster gun. Despite their appearance, Wookiees are actually pretty intelligent. Also, they are taller than most of the people, and that is one of the things you should consider when choosing to cosplay Chewbacca.

This guy may look tough, but he is actually pretty gentle and full of emotions. Although he doesn’t speak human language, Han Solo and Chewbacca perfectly understand each other. Also, he is pretty capable. He knows to fly a spaceship and to use many weapons.

There are two ways to make Chewbacca costume. The first one is buying a complete costume kit. On the other side, you can go for a jumpsuit and combine it with the mask and rest of accessories. In both cases, it shouldn’t be complicated.

About Chewbacca

There are many interesting things about one of the most popular characters from the Star Wars franchise. His unique speech was actually created by sound designer Ben Burtt, who mixed individual recordings of various animals like walruses, lions, camels, bears, rabbits, tigers.

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