General Grievous (Star Wars) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2021

How to make General Grievous Costume

General Grievous Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Long-Sleeved Compression Shirt A black long-sleeved compression shirt is a good base for your outfit. You can stick your armor pieces on it.
2 Black Compression Pants Black compression pants are also a good base for your armor.
3 Black Boots Although General Grievous doesn’t need boots per se, this pair will look great for your overall costume.
4 Black Fabric Use this black fabric to create General Grievous’ cape. Add red fabric in the inside for the lining. Make sure to wear the cape in front of your real legs to hide them from view.
5 Foam Rolls Use foam rolls to create each piece of your armor details. These rolls can also be used to recreate General Grievous’ mechanical legs and additional set of arms.
6 Metallic Silver Paint Use the metallic silver paint for all metal parts of your outfit.
7 Beige Paint Use the beige paint for the main armor pieces.
8 Helmet If you don’t want to DIY General Grievous’ helmet, you can always buy a ready-made one.
9 Lightsaber Set Make sure to get four lightsabers since that’s how many General Grievous can wield.
10 Kids Costume Set Turn your kid into this ruthless general with this costume set.
11 Costume Set You can also avail a costume set if you want to.

There are many who hate Jedis in the galaxy. But no Jedi hunter hated them more than General Grievous. Aside from his amazing battle skills, General Grievous is famous for his passionate dislike for all Jedis, especially his arch-nemesis Obi-wan Kenobi. Of course, he is also well-known for his outstanding military strategies and ruthlessness.

General Grievous is of Khaleesh descent but he is also a cyborg. His red skin isn’t usually visible through his beige-colored armor and his legs are mechanical all the way. He has four arms, all of which can wield a lightsaber. He also loves wearing a black cape with a red inner lining. Here’s everything you need to look like General Grievous.

About General Grievous

General Grievous’ throaty voice was provided by long-time Star Wars sound editor Matthew Wood.

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