X-Wing Pilot from Star Wars Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

X-Wing Pilot Overall Look

No army would be complete without a fleet of combat aircrafts or, in this case, spaceships. Such is the case of The Rebellion Alliance and the Resistance in the Star Wars saga. Back in the days with the Galactic Empire, The Rebellion had to send their best pilots into high-speed chases and shoot outs in space to defeat the enemy. Now they have to do it again under a different name. One thing stays the same though. Their outfits.

X-Wing pilots attire consists of an orange jumpsuit, a white vest with a chest box, black leather boots and matching gloves, a silver-gray harness and, to top it all off, a heavily ornamented helmet based on the APH-6B fighter helmets. A piece of protective gear used by actual US military pilots in the 1960’s.

How to make an X-Wing Pilot Costume

X Wing Pilot Cosplay & Costume Guide
# Item Description
1 X-Wing Pilot Helmet Whether it was an unforgettable battle or an extremely hard mark to take down, each X-Wing pilot’s helmet tells a story through its many colorful stickers and designs. Luke’s flight helmet for example, is white with yellow details, a couple of red Rebel Alliance symbols carved in the front and red stripes along the Mohawk-like ridge of the helmet all the way to the back. It also has yellow lenses and an adjustable chinstrap.
2 Orange X-wing Pilot Jumpsuit X-Wing pilot suits rarely ever change from their usual orange color. For an easily recognizable look, it’s better to use the classic orange jumpsuit seen in the original trilogy and in more recent movies. Those are easy find in any costume shop, commonly as part of an escaped convict costume, but if you don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your home, just click on the link to your left.
3 White X-wing Pilot Vest You can go full DIY mode and fabricate it yourself with a white, wide-strap tank top. All you would have to do is add a decorating thick ruffling all across the front. Alternatively, click on the left for a very faithful imitation of the one seen in the movies.
4 X-Wing Pilot Chest Box Your X-Wing fighter costume wouldn’t be complete without the chest-box. In case you are a bit short on time to make your outfit, you’re feeling artistic, why not putting your art skills to the test with this brief tutorial by The Woodland Elf on how to make your own X-Wing pilot chest box.
5 X-Wing Pilot Harness Though it’s not an absolute must, it would certainly add a nice touch to your costume. Just take the silver-gray suspenders suggested in the link to your left and strap the arm openings around your legs. The remaining buckle would go attached to your vest, under the chest box so nobody can see it.
6 X-Wing Pilot Gloves These black fencing gauntlets made out of stretchable leather are just like the ones X-Wing pilots wear.
7 X-Wing Pilot Boots Though black leather boots are preferred, rubber boots would work as well.
8 X-Wing Pilot Costume just order the full-costume in the link to your left.
9 X-Wing RESISTANCE PILOT HARNESS Optional matching Harness

Make Luke Skywalker and Poe Dameron proud with your X-wing pilot costume and may The Force be with you.

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