Jyn Erso (Star Wars) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to make Jyn Erso Costume

Jyn Erso Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Jacket Rebels in usually wear same uniforms. Still, each character has few distinctive details. Jyn’s jacket comes with a unique color combination as well as interesting patterns.
2 Scarf Another Jyn Erso’s unique piece, this scarf is characterized by interesting scarf patch.
3 Boots This Star Wars character wears pretty interesting brown leather boots with a buckle. Still, these still look pretty common, so can easily find similar ones. If you want to cosplay Jyn Erso in the most realistic way, here are custom-made boots that look just like the original ones.
4 Charcoal Military Pants These pants are pretty common among rebels. Unlike previous pieces of clothes, these aren’t so unique. Find any kind of charcoal/dark grey pants, they will do just fine.
5 Brown leather fingerless gloves Another Jyn Erso’s signature pieces. Any kind of fingerless brown leather gloves will be great.
6 Belt with Gun Holster As a rebel, she always carries some weapon, son a holster is an integral part of the outfit. Find some brown leather belt with holster, it will be perfect.
7 Blaster Gun Jyn Erso may not have lightsabre, but she is great with blaster guns.
8 Kyber Crystal Necklace A necklace that Jyn wears in the movie

Jyn Erso has a very good reason to fight against the Empire. When she was just a little girl, was kidnaped and forced to create a superweapon Death Star. On the other side, her mother was killed while resisted Imperial forces. Young Jyn managed to escape and she was raised, but also trained by Saw Gerrera. She became a fierce fighter, some kind of a female Han Solo.

Cosplaying Jyn Erso would be a great choice. This character wears several very attractive pieces of clothes. She combines some common pieces of rebel uniforms with plenty of her signature details. Her jacket, as well as a patched scarf, are some of the trademarks. There is also a pretty unique part of brown boots, as well as fingerless gloves. On the other side, pants and gun holster look pretty common

About Jyn Erso

When Imperial forces were taking her father, she managed to escape. On the other side, her mother was killed. So, Jyn Erso (portrayed by Felicity Jones ) was raised by Saw Gerrera. On the other side, her father was forced to create Death Star, a terrifying superweapon. Still, Galen Erso, her father, managed to send the message to the rebellion that he is working on a new superweapon. He also sent design plans, which pointed to weak spots of the Death Star, which was critical to the success of the mission of destroying this superweapon.

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