Rose Tico (Star Wars) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Rose Tico Costume

Rose Tico Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Hoodie Keep comfy while in uniform by wearing a brown hoodie underneath.
2 Brown Coveralls Don’t forget to wear regulation uniform.
3 Brown Boots A pair of brown boots makes for durable footwear when waging an intergalactic war.
4 Utility Belt Keep all your essentials within easy reach with a utility belt around your waist.
5 Rose’s Necklace Rose wears a pendant similar to her sister’s everywhere she goes.
6 Black Rifle Rose carries a rifle to war as her weapon of choice.
7 Black Bang Clip Ons Wear clip-on bangs to get the same hairstyle that Rose favors.

Like many members of the Resistance, Rose has a bone to pick with the First Order. She wants to avenge her family and her home world from the atrocities that the First Order did to them. As such, she became and invaluable mechanic and fighter, alongside Finn.

Rose’s outfit is utilitarian as she mostly wears the regulated uniform of Resistance members. She has on a brown hoodie, a brown coverall, a utility belt around her waist, and a pair of brown boots. One personal thing she likes to have on is a half-pendant, just like the one her sister has.

About Rose Tico

Rose Tico was portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran. Tran is also known for her roles in Sorry for your Loss and Star Wars: Episode IX – Rise of Skywalker.

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