Rey Skywalker (Star Wars) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to make Rey Costume

Rey Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long, light gray, shawl scarf You might need to get three or four of these long, light gray shawls. Do keep in mind they must be long enough to reach down your shins. Like Rey, you’ll wrap these shawls over your shoulders and across your torso in the shape of an “x”. You should have two ends by your right leg and two more by your left leg. If you want to go the extra mile, sew together the ends on your left, just like Rey would in The Force Awakens. Be careful not to get tangled when you walk.
2 Beige, cap-sleeve, Henley t-shirt For a more authentic look, try to get a beige, cap-sleeve-t-shirt. You can also use a regular beige, crew-neckline t-shirt and make a little v-cut to the crew-neck. Remember to also trim down the sleeves and hem the edges.
3 Light gray, mid-raise, crop pants These are supposed to be agave olive, relaxed-fit, mid-raise, crop pants with elastic bottom cuffs that you can easily adjust below your knees.
4 Brown, ankle-high, winter boots In The Force Awakens, Rey is seen sporting brown, ankle boots. A cosplay version of those boots can be found in the link to your left, but any pair of brown, ankle, winter boots will do just fine.
5 Arm sleeves (detached) Just take the cyclist arm sleeves and cover them up with the compression bandage. Voilá, Rey-style arm sleeves.
6 Bandage Wrap Compression Roll If you pay close attention to Rey’s outfit, you will notice her detached sleeves are actually bandages wrapped around her arms.
7 leather belt with beige pouch To hold her shawls in place and carry all the tools she uses to scavenge for pieces in abandoned ships and crash sites, Rey keeps a handy belt with a beige pouch included.
8 staff True, at some point Rey upgrades to a blaster and a lightsaber, but her weapon of choice still seems to be her trusty staff. Add this accessory to your costume or get your hands on a blue light-saber. You can’t go wrong either way.
9 Brown leather gloves Rey spends most of her time taking apart abandoned ships in the middle of the desert and so she protects her hands with brown leather gloves like the ones suggested in the link to your left.
10 Wide, brown, leather wristband Most tend to forget Rey wears a wide, brown, sinngle-strap leather wristband on her left wrist, but because we know you care for detail, let us resommend you something very similar and easier to find. A wide, brown, leather wristband with three straps.
11 desert scavenger mask To protect herself from the raging heat of Jakku’s wastelands, the blinding sunlight and wind blows filled with sand, Rey wears a mask, which could be described as a beige linen shemagh with gogles taken from the remains of a stormtrooper’s helmet reinfoced with all sorts of fabric. You can click on the left to find the whole mask, or you can get a shenagh and make your own gogles with this tutorial by ThatJustinK
12 full costume To simplify even further the hunt for all these clothes and accessories, we decided to leave the direct link to the full costume. Just check out the link next to this description.

Rey’s Overall Look

The internet is crawling with thousands of theories about one of the most mysterious, yet fascinating characters in the Star Wars saga, Rey. There are still many questions left unanswered about this powerful Jedi and it seems that the recent Star Wars – Episode VIII: The Last Jedi only raises more questions than it answers, but here there’s only one question we really care about. How can we make you look like this amazing character?

Well, luckily we already have the answer.

Rey was first introduced to us in Episode VII: The Force Awakens wearing a pair of brown, ankle boots, a beige, cap-sleeve, Henley t-shirt and a pair of light gray, mid-raise, crop pants. All covered-up with a couple of rudimentary gray shawls wrapped over her shoulders and across her chest in the shape of an “x” and held in place with a brown, leather belt equipped with a beige pouch.