Snoke (Star Wars) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Snoke Costume Guide

Snoke Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Golden silk sleepwear this could be an excellent choice to look like Snoke
2 Snoke Mask this is definitely the most important part of the costume
3 Snoke Hands just like the mask, an inevitable part of the costume
4 Golden Kimono Belt a flashy silk belt would be a perfect addition to the costume
5 Complete costume set this set includes a golden silk robe, undershirt, mask, and hands

Although a leader of a military junta, Snoke is pretty stylish. This is a perfect example when less is more since there is no place for unnecessary details. His favorite piece of clothes is golden silk robe, which perfectly suits his skinny body. With its creepy look, this costume could be a perfect choice for Halloween or some similar masquerade.

For this look, you will need some piece of silk, so consider sleepwear or something similar. You can spice things with some kimono belt if you want. Finally, you will need Snoke’s unique mask and hands. Consider getting a complete costume set, which includes a unique golden silk robe, as well as mask, hands, and undershirt.

About Snoke from Star Wars

Snoke is one of newest characters in Star Wars series. His first appearance was in The Force Awakens, the second newest movie of this franchise. This character represents the ultimate evil. He is a Supreme Leader of the First Order. This military organization has been resurrected from the fallen Galactic Empire. This antagonist has the ambition to rule the Galaxy.

Powerful with the Force, he is also extremely falsehearted. He is an excellent manipulator, which helps him to seduce Ben Solo, who will late become Kylo Ren. He promises him to be a new Darth Vader and gets a perfect minion, capable of pretty much everything.

Snoke has an extremely scary appearance. He is actually some kind of a humanoid alien, who can use the Force in many ways. His look definitely leaves a creepy impression. The first thing that you will notice about his look is height. Snoke is pretty tall yet very skinny. Very calm by nature, he usually doesn’t show emotions. You can hardly notice some kind of distress, even when subordinates let him down.