Star War's Darth Maul Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Darth Maul Costume

Darth Maul Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black, long-sleeve, mandarin collar shirt (for the under shirt) Under all those black drapes, Darth Mauls wears a black mandarin collar shirt like the one suggested in the picture. In lack of this type of shirt, you can always use a regular black turtleneck sweater
2 Black, waffle kimono robe This you may already have at home. A black waffle kimono robe. These are perfect for the costume, but any black bathroom robe will do. The thinner the better though, as you will be making a costume heavy on fabric and therefore a bit hot. Something that works well too is a black karate uniform or karategi. You’d be getting pants and a jacket that are very similar to the tunic of this martial artist from the Dark Side.
3 Black jersey pants Black jersey pants are preferred, but at the end of the day, any black pants will do.
4 Long, black, wool shawls (for tabard) Darth Maul’s outfit is very much alike a traditional Jedi outfit, only it’s all black. One of the basic elements of this costume is the tabard. For this, you’ll need a few long black shawls like the ones in the picture. Though any thick material works fine, wool would be better since it’s the closest to the texture of the original.
5 Wide, black waist belt Instead of a waist sash, Darth Maul wears a wide, black waist belt made of leather, which you can imitate by wearing a weightlifting belt backwards, if you don’t want the replica suggested in the link to your left.
6 Black, mid-calf, pull-on boots Replicas like the ones shown the picture would be a nice inclusion to your costume, but if you’re on a budget or on a rush, just take a pair black rubber boots for rainy weather, which are virtually the same thing.
7 Darth Maul mask There are two ways to copy Darth Maul’s hellish face: sitting still for hours to get a fancy make-up done or get one this latex mask to speed things up.
8 Dart Maul’s lightsaber How can we forget the first time we ever saw this double-bladed lightsaber light up in the trailer of The Phantom Menace? Well, you get to live those times again with this 5-foot long imitation.
9 Black fencing gauntlets Unlike Jedi, this sith lord wears black fencing gauntlets like the ones X-Wing pilots use. Just make sure to get a pair of black leather gloves that covers half of your forearm.
10 full costume To make things easier, we’ve included the link to the full costume on

Darth Maul’s overall look

Darth Maul, the sinister Sith Lord, has made several appearances in the Star Wars spin offs that are still canon with the main lore and though he’s been through many changes in design, we remember him best as the warrior on his prime all dressed-up in black that first showed up in The Phantom Menace.

In short, Maul’s outfit is just a traditional Jedi attire tinted black. Mandarin collar undershirt, tunic, multilayered tabard, a wide waist belt, gloves and boots. All black.

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