How to make Steven Universe costume

Steven Universe Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt Steven loves wearing his red shirt with a yellow star in the middle.
2 Denim Pants Steven keeps comfy by wearing a pair of regular denim pants with the ends folded over.
3 Red Flip Flops What is the symbol for maximum comfort? A pair of flip flops, and Steven wears his in red.
4 Black Afro Wig Get Steven’s signature hairstyle by wearing a black afro wig.
5 Pink Jewels Although hidden, you can use these to recreate Steven’s pink diamond on his navel.
6 EVA Foam Use this EVA Foam to create Steven’s shield. Don’t forget to paint it!

Steven is definitely one of a kind. He’s the only known gem-human hybrid with his mother being Rose Quartz and his father Greg Universe. Despite being different, he is still super excitable and friendly. These are the main reasons why everyone can’t help but like him.

Steven doesn’t wear anything too outlandish. In fact, his style is very down to Earth, except for his iconic red shirt with a yellow star in the middle. Here’s everything you need to look like Steven Universe.

About Steven Universe

Steven Universe is voiced by actor Zach Callison.

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