Eddie Munson (Stranger Things) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Eddie Munson’s Costume from Stranger Things

Eddie Munson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Shirt Start the costume with this Hellfire Club shirt.
2 Leather Jacket Then wear a leather jacket on top of the shirt.
3 Denim Vest For the final layer, you can wear this vest.
4 Ripped Jeans Pair the heavy top with these distressed jeans.
5 White Sneakers Give the costume a crisp touch with this pair of shoes.
6 Biker Rings Style your costume with these biker rings, too.
7 Wig Top the costume with this cool wavy wig.

Eddie Munson is one of the most popular characters from the latest season of Stranger Things. His costume is very casual and features a printed Hellfire Club shirt under a leather jacket and a denim vest. He also wears a pair of distressed pants and white sneakers. Complete his costume with a set of biker rings and a long, curly wig.

About Eddie Munson

Eddie Munson is character from the Netflix hit series Stranger Things.
Eddie is the leader of Hellfire Club which is the official D&D group for Hawkins High School. In his band the Corroded Coffin, he was also the guitarist. Dustin Henderson, another main character, also considered him as his role model.