Wednesday Addams Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Wednesday Addams Costume

Wednesday Addams Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Dress with White Peter-Pan Collar Wednesday’s peter pan collared dress is now an iconic look that many people are wearing. But let’s not forget who originally rocked it!
2 Black Tights A pair of black tights makes Wednesday’s outfit more conservative.
3 Black Boots A pair of black boots is something Wednesday would totally not mind wearing.
4 Black Braided Wig Another look made popular by Wednesday is her two braid hairstyle.
5 Skull Prop Wednesday loves everything that has to do with death so a skull prop isn’t a bad idea to bring along. Other optional prop are butcher knife or a headless doll
6 Full Costume Set You can skip going through lots of effort by buying this costume set.

Wednesday is unlike other girls her age. For one, she is obsessed with the color black and would refuse to wear anything other than black (until they have made a darker color that is). She is also glum-looking and rarely smiles. But what makes her scary is her fascination with the macabre as well as her sadistic tendencies.

If you look past her gothic look, Wednesday actually has a pretty nice fashion style going on. She wears a black Peter Pan collared dress, black tights, and black shoes. Her long black hair is also done in two braids. Here’s everything you need to look like Wednesday Addams.

Wednesday Addams Makeup Tutorial

About Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams was portrayed by Christina Ricci during the 1991 and 1993 film adaptations of the Addams Family. Ricci also played Kat in the first Casper movie and Katrina Van Tassel in Sleepy Hollow.

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