Beetlejuice's Cartoon Lydia Deetz Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Lydia Beetlejuice Costume

Lydia Deetz Beetlejuice Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Poncho, red, spider web The red poncho is a very cute item of clothing. It covers most of your body and is meant to look large and oversize like Lydia’s.
2 Boots, black, pointy toed Lydia wears vintage inspired black boots most of the time, these boots are very close to what she wears.
3 Tights, spider web print These tights are a cute addition with their spider web print. They go on your lower half to cover what the poncho does not.
4 Arm gloves These sheer arm gloves cover half of your hand. They are supposed to be a cute and creepy addition to the costume because of their spider web print that goes along with the rest of the costume.
5 Choker, black and red The choker adds a very goth element to the look and brings out the red in the poncho in a very striking way.
6 Wig, black Lydia’s own hair is quite similar to this wig. With some styling you can get the exact look.
7 Purple scrunchie In the comics Lydia wears a scrunchie like this with a small ponytail at the top of her head.

The Lydia Beetlejuice costume is a very easy and simple costume. It is basically a red spider web poncho, with hand gloves and tights, as well as boots.

This is the costume she wears the in the Beetlejuice comics when she is supposed to marry Betelgeuse. It comes off as cute but creepy at the same time and is a great look for any horror comic lover.

Lydia Beetlejuice Cartoon Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

This makeup and hair tutorial on Lydia Deetz can help give you a better idea of how you should style your own hair and makeup.

About Lydia Beetlejuice

Lydia Beetlejuice is a different version of the regular Lydia Deetz in the movie and comics of Beetlejuice. Both Lydia’s are played by the actress Winona Ryder.

In the scenes during the movie and comics when she is supposed to be Lydia Beetlejuice, she is being forced by Betelgeuse to marry him so that he can become human again. In the end she manages to get away, and we are left with the memory of her amazing outfit.