Jeff ‘The Big’ Lebowski Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make ‘Jeff ‘The Big’ Lebowski costume

Jeff Lebowski Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Dress Shirt The Big keeps his underclothes simple by wearing a plain white collared dress shirt with the top buttons undone.
2 Black Three-Piece Suit Every rich and powerful man must look rich, powerful, and respectable and that is why The Big wears an elegant black three-piece suit sans the vest.
3 Red Silk Ascot Just to add a dash of opulence, The Big likes wearing a red silk ascot around his neck instead of a tie.
4 Round Frameless Glasses The Big isn’t as young as he wants to be and he wears a round frameless pair of glasses to see clearly.
5 Black Wheelchair A huge part of his characterization, The Big is wheelchair-bound so if you want to dress up like him; sitting on a wheelchair is important!

At first glance, Jeff ‘the Big’ Lebowski may seem to have the ideal life. He’s a multimillionaire, a philanthropist, and he has a young and sexy wife. But, everyone who’s watched the movie knows this isn’t true at all. He’s a cheat and a liar. Plus, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

‘The Big’ dresses like the part he wants to portray; rich and powerful. He wears a debonair black three-piece suit, a white collared dress shirt, and a red silk ascot. Here’s everything you need to look like Jeff ‘The Big’ Lebowski.

About ‘The Big’ Lebowski

Jeff ‘The Big’ Lebowski is played by the talented David Huddleston and started in the film industry during 1960. He died of heart and kidney disease last 2016.

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