Doctor Finkelstein (Nightmare Before Christmas) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Well, even Halloween Town has to have its resident over-protective father, right? And who better to portray the role than Sally’s creator, Dr. Finkelstein?

Dr. Finkelstein is a mad scientist slash inventor who looks like he was created by another person as well. He is wheelchair bound but that doesn’t stop him from designing crazy inventions.

Dr. Finkelstein looks like a frail and pale but typical mad scientist. He wears a white lab coat, white pants, black shoes, black gloves, and black goggles. Here’s everything you need to look like Doctor Finkelstein.

How to Dress Like Doctor Finkelstein Costume

Doctor Finkelstein Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Lab Coat Dress the mad scientist part by wearing a white lab coat.
2 White Pants Dr. Finkelstein also pairs his all-white top with equally white pants.
3 Black Oxfords Look regal in a pair of classic black oxfords.
4 Black Gloves Black gloves are needed if you want to keep inventing.
5 Black Goggles Keep your eyes safe from any possible explosion by wearing a pair of black goggles.
6 Black Wheelchair Don’t forget to sit in a wheelchair since Dr. Finkelstein does so.
7 Instant Paper Mache If you want to get Dr. Finkelstein’s unique head shape, this instant paper mache can help you immensely.
8 Acrylic Paint Use different acrylic paints to make your Dr. Finkelstein mask realistic.

About Doctor Finkelstein

Doctor Finkelstein was portrayed by William Hickey.

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