Goldmember (Austin Powers) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Goldmember’s Costume from Austin Powers

Here are golden pieces you can wear to get that Goldmember print on!

Goldmember Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gold Jacket Start the costume with this golden jacket.
2 Gold Pants Pair it with golden pants, too.
3 Gold Shorts another option is to wear shorts
4 Gold Shoes Keep the look shiny with this pair of shoes.
5 Wig Keep the old look on point with balding wig.
6 Gold Chains You can also keep the look rich with this chain.
7 Gold Top get a golden bikini top
8 Gold skirt Pair with gold shorts or skirt.
9 Costume Set Women Full costume set for women.
10 Costume Set Men You may also get this gold set of jacket and pants.

Goldmember’s costume screams richness and privilege! Keep it shiny by kicking off the costume with a gold jacket. Then wear a pair of golden pants and shoes. Style the outfit with a balding wig. You can also wear gold chains as necklace!

About Goldmember

Goldmember is a character in the film Austin Powers in Goldmember. The character is inspired by Auric Goldfinger from the James Bond film franchise. Goldmember is said to carry a Dutch origin which is also inspired by a character from the show called Real Sex.