Maude Lebowski Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Maude Lebowski Costume

Maude Lebowski Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Fleece Robe Maude is the daughter of a multimillionaire. It’s no wonder that even her green fleece robe looks so luxuriously soft.
2 Nude-Colored Slip When it comes to her body, Maude doesn’t feel ashamed of flaunting it for everyone to see. That’s kind of hard to do for anybody else so if you want to channel Maude but in a more conservative way, wear a nude-colored slip underneath your green robe.
3 Black Body Harness with Fur Lining Maude’s entrance was spectacular and entertaining. Copy her death-defying painting exhibition by wearing a black leather body harness. Add fake fur fabric on the lining to soften it up and make it look deluxe.
4 Auburn Bob Cut Wig Be the ultimate Maude by wearing an auburn bob cut wig to copy her artistic hairstyle.
5 Viking Suit Or go with Maude’s Viking look. The Dude seemed to like that a lot. Your dude may like it as well so try it
6 Gold Trident How else would Maude look more like the boss she is than with an intimidating gold trident in her hand?
7 High Gladiator Sandals Finish up Maude’s power outfit with these awesome looking high gladiator sandals.

She may be a character written as a parody, but Maude Lebowski still holds the flag up for women around the world. Her highly unorthodox personality in the satire is refreshing and thought provoking. What if women were more like Maude (albeit a milder version)?

Maude’s fashion style is as avant-garde and brazen as her artworks. Her most iconic outfit is the green robe she wears after her unforgettable entrance; as well as The Dude’s drug-induced dream of her wearing a Viking costume with bowling balls as a bra. Here’s everything you need to look like Maude Lebowski.

About Maude Lebowski

Maude Lebowski is played by the wonderful Julianne Moore. She has won many nominations from many institutions. She is also the second female to be named Best Actress in three major film festivals across the world.

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