Meilin Lee (Turning Red) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Meilin Lee’s Costume from Turning Red

Meilin Lee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Round Collar Shirt You can start this costume with this round-collar shirt.
2 Pink Cardigan Then top it off with a pink cardigan, too.
3 Tights Keep the look warm with this pair of leggings.
4 Skirt Wear a pleated skirt on top of the tight, too.
5 Pink Socks Match the cardigan with these socks.
6 Shoes She also wore sneakers with her outfit.
7 Red Wig Keep the red panda look reference with this wig
8 Hair Pin She styles her hair with an oversized pin.
9 Glasses You can complete the look with your very own pair of round-frame glasses.
10 Backpack Get this magenta backpack to add to your costume.
11 Tamagotchi Pin a Tamagotchi keychain on the bag strap as prop.

Meilin’s outfit reflects the early-2000’s vibe in urban Canada where the kids at school wear casual and comfy clothing. She has a white-collared shirt under her cardigan. Meilin moves easily in her tights and skirt combo with sneakers. To complete her costume, carry a backpach with a small Tamagotchi key-chain, too. Complete her red panda self by wearing a red wig!

About Meilin Lee

Meilin Lee is the lead character from the Disney Pixar film Turning Red. It follows the story of 13 year-old Meilin, daughter of Min and Jin Lee. They come from a Chinese family that are stewards of the Temple for the red panda, linked with their ancestors. The curse of turning to a red panda eventually hit Meilin and this caused the main conflict in the film. Meilin’s story highlights the struggles of growing up as well as the things teens go through during her time. She is also a big fan of a group called 4*Town.