La Muerte (Book of Life) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make La Muerte Costume

La Muerte Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Velvet Long-Sleeved Long Dress Wear this long-sleeved velvet dress as your outfit’s base.
2 Fake Marigold Flowers Glue lots and lots of these fake yellow flowers down the middle of your dress, and all over its hem. You should also glue a lot of them on your hat.
3 Long Brunette Wig Wear a long brunette wig to get La Muerte’s hairstyle right.
4 Choker Necklace La Muerte wears a choker around her neck.
5 Large Sombrero To make La Muerte’s epic sombrero hat, get this hat and use red fabric paint on it.
6 Mini Skull heads You’ll need to attach these mini skull heads on your hat & dress as well
7 Flameless Candles These flameless candles will help in getting La Muerte’s lively look. you can also print out candles, stick them on cardboard papar, and then glue them.
8 White Body Paint La Muerte has very white skin so make sure to put on white body paint.
9 Body Crayons To celebrate Dia De Los Muertos, use this body crayons for makeup. You’ll also need to attach two flowers like these yellow roses in your hair

Don’t be discouraged that her name translates to Death in English. Death isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it happens to every one of us. La Muerte shows that even Death can be kind, generous, and gentle.

She is the goddess presiding in the Land of the Remembered after all. But she just can’t seem to resist in betting. Oh, well! We guess not even goddesses are perfect.

La Muerte looks regal in her long red, long-sleeved dress bedecked with marigolds all over. She also loves her very wide red sombrero which also has marigolds and candles on top of it. She also has skeleton skull heads attached at the hems of her dress & hat.

La Muerte’s skin is white as snow as well. Here’s everything you need to look like La Muerte.

La Muerte Makeup Tutorial

About La Muerte

La Muerte was voiced by actress Kate del Castillo.

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