Xibalba (The Book of Life) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Xibalba’ Costume from The Book of Life

Xibalba is a great costume to rock this coming Halloween (or any other costume party you’ll want to attend!). It features many textures and elements such as a long sleeved top, and a vest paired with a long skirt. Get the upside of the skirt so it fits wider hips of men. Add neon details on the vest and on the feathered shoulder. Wear black wings, too. Finish the look by wearing a black mask with neon paint details.

Cop the items below to rock your Xibalba costume:

Xibalba Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Long-sleeve Top Cop this black long-sleeved top.
2 Black Vest Layer a vest over it.
3 Black Skirt Then tuck the top in a skirt.
4 Blue Tape Cut neon blue strips and line the vest with it.
5 Purple Sash Wear this sash for a purple accent.
6 Feather Shoulders Get this feather shoulders.
7 Blue Feathers Add blue feather accents on the shoulders.
8 Black Wings Wear this black wing.
9 Black Gauntlet Gloves Then cop tis pair of gloves.
10 Black Mask Wear this black mask.
11 Neon Paint Paint the mask with neon details a-la Xibalba.
12 White Beard Finish with a beard on the mask.

About Xibalba

Xibalba is a character from the 2014 movie from The Book of Life. The film follows the story of a three-way love story where Xibalba and his wife, another deity, La Muerte, plays their game on humans.

Xibalba is an anti-hero in the film, often described as mischievous but would make sure to please his wife. He is adept with magic as expected from an immortal being.