Betty Rubble Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Betty Rubble Costume

Betty Rubble Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
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1 Blue tube dress Though it may not look like it at first glance, Betty Rubble was designed as a toned-down, pin-up girl to match the 60’s fashion that was trending at the time. That explains the hairstyle and the short, tight blue dress. If it’s the animated version what you’re aiming for, then we recommend you to get a blue tube dress like this one and make it look a bit distressed by cutting zig-zags along the edge of the skirt.
2 Blue, double-layer dress Now, the movie version of this outfit is a completely different ball game. The 1994 Flintstones introduced us to a more conservative Betty dressed in a blue, double-layer dress with a straight across neckline. If you’re planning to go for this look it’s really important to you cut zig-zags around the skirt’s edge and on the second layer over the chest.
3 Black velvet ribbon To hold your blue dress in place and make the costume all the more accurate, you could use black velvet ribbon to make some sort of neck strap.
4 Large, white circle pendant Bringing a little bit of contrast to the entire outfit, there’s the a large white circle breaking all the blue and decorating the neck strap. To this day it’s still a mystery if the circle was made out of stone or the shell of an oyster, but just in case we need to cover all bases, here’s a medallion made out of oyster shell.
5 White oyster shell As for the live-action portrayal, Betty wears a clam to pin the neck strap and the blue dress together and keep in it place. We found a box that just so happens to conveniently look like a clam. You could dismantle the box and use on the lids to decorate your costume.
6 Blue hair bow Last, but certainly not least, to enhance that pin-up hairstyle you’ll need a bow that matches the color of your dress on top or on the back of your head.
7 Full Costume Full costume if you want to save time & money

Betty doesn’t wear anything else than her blue tube dress held in place by a black neck strap decorated with what we can assume is a button made out of rock or oyster shell. That’s the Betty’s look from the cartoon. If you’re looking for the dress she wears in the 1994 movie, you’ll notice she favors a long double-layer dress also hung from her neck with a black neck strap, only this one is pinned with an actual oyster shell. Something that must be in your costume is the blue hair bow.

It doesn’t natter which Betty you wish to portray; we’ve out together both versions for you to choose the one you like best.

Betty Rubble Makeup

About Betty Rubble

Betty Rubble is one of the main characters in the animated series and movies The Flintstones. She’s is Barney Rubble’s wife and Wilma Flintstone’s best friend. Not much is know about her as she’s not much more than a supportive character. She plays a very emotional wife and homemade who spends most of her time taking care of her adopted son Bamm Bamm, tidying up the house or hanging out with Wilma.

Like Wilma, she met her husband Barney at a resort where she used to work as a cigarettes waitress and Barney would work as a bell hopper. Betty and Barney didn’t have children of their own, yet they were able to adopt the incredibly strong son Bamm Bamm after finding him in their door step and a short, but dramatic struggle in court.

Betty is now the grandmother of Roxy and Chip and works as a a journalist at a local newspaper called The Daily Granite, a spoof of the Daily Planet, the newspaper where Superman works.


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