Wilma Flintstone Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Wilma Flintstone Costume

Wilma Flintstone Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White, one-shoulder dress It doesn’t get more straightforward than this. All you need for the main part of this costume is a white, one-shoulder tube dress. Something you should keep in mind though, is to make sure that the one strap of your dress falls on the left shoulder, just like Wilma’s. Another point worth noting is the length and hemming of the dress. Anywhere above your knees is fine, but it’s got have that zig-zag around the edges to make it look distressed and raggedy.
2 Full costume Plan B: just get the whole suit. For instance, this set includes not only the dress but also the necklace and a wig.
3 Alternate Costume This one is more sassier
4 Another Alternative Another alternative with animal prints
5 Wilma wig If you already have mid-long red hair, good news! You’re already half-way through, otherwise, don’t sweat it; this wig has your name on it. It’s even styled after Wilma’s hairstyle in the 1994 movie The Flintstones.
6 Ping Pong balls - for necklace Supposedly, Wilma’s necklace is either made out of large pearls or pebbles. There are few ways to put this accessory together. For example, you can take some ping-pong balls, a needle and some thread to make your necklace. Golf balls may be a bit harder to work with, but it would certainly add some texture and make it look rough and unfinished. As if someone really had to carve them out of stone. Another option can a simple pearl necklace
7 Pearl Earings In them movie version, Wilma is seen wearing pearl earings

In short, Wilma’s outfit is defined by the pin-up girl fashion trending at the time The Flintstones animated series was aired. It looks like something taken out of the 50’s with a few minor tweaks to make it look prehistoric, like the rough edges of her dress for example. A white one-shoulder dress and a pearl necklace. That’s about it for Wilma in TV series and movies.

Wilma Flintstone Makeup

Regarding Wilma’s hairstyle, of course there’s a cartoonish alternative taken straight out of the animated series that is also popular among cosplayers. Youtuber and make-up artist Nikole Jackson has video tutorial on how to make a proper pin-up girl approach to your Wilma Flintstones hair and make up.

About Wilma Flintstone

Wilma Flintstone is one of the main characters of The Flintstones animated series and movies. She tends to be the voice of reason of her husband Fred whenever he is out on one of his schemes. She also helps him and Barney out of trouble when plans don’t work out. Wilma and Betty used to work at a resort selling cigarettes. That’s how they met both of their husbands who also worked at the same resort.

Wilma was originally voiced by Jean Vander Pyl in the 60’s animated series. Then she was portrayed by Elizabeth Perkins in the 1994 live-action adaption. In both versions Wilma Wilma is best friends with Betty Rubble and mother of Pebbles Flintstones.

Over the years there’s been a debate on whether Wilma’s last name is Slaghoople or Pebbles and although there’s been many a great theories about such discrepancies, the actual reason was revealed to be a mistake in continuity during the production of the show. In short, her maiden name should be Wilma Pebbles, but it was later changed to Wilma Slaghoople. At the end of the day, she’ll always be the Wilma Flintstone.


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