Alan Garner (The Hangover) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Alan Garner Costume from The Hangover

The dad bod never looked so easy to copy. Check these items for Alan’s costume here:

Alan Garner Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Printed Shirt Start off with this khaki shirt.
2 Pants Wear this pair of pants with the top.
3 Belt Style the pants with this belt
4 Brown Satchel Get this brown bag to wear across the body.
5 Baby Carrier Wear this baby carrier in place of a brown bag as you wish.
6 Baby Doll Add a doll to the carrier.
7 Sneakers Slip on a pair of comfy sneakers.
8 Brown Wig Then wear this messy wig.
9 Facial Hair Match the wig with fake facial hair.
10 Sunglasses Complete the costume with this pair of aviator sunglasses.

Alan’s costume is composed of items that you can use for practical outfits! Start the costume off with a printed shirt and light-colored pants. Style the pants with a dark belt and a pair of sneakers. Wear a brown body bag or a baby-carrier (with a doll, too). For the finishing touches, get a messy wig and fake facial hair. Keep it cool with a pair of sunglasses!

About Alan Garner

Alan Garner is a character from the movie trilogy The Hangover. It’s a comedy film released in 2009 that features the main characters Phil, Stu, and Alan on their way to Las Vegas for their friend Doug’s bachelor party. However, they wake up one day unable to remember the events from the previous night with a missing Doug. Alan is considered the hero in the trilogy and he is the brother-in-law of Doug.