Rick O'Connell (The Mummy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Rick O’Connell costume

Rick O Connell Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 boots some brown leather high boots would be a perfect choice
2 Gun Rig Rick is always ready for action, so don’t forget a gun rig. Some shoulder, western-style will be nice
3 White military shirt a white military shirt with little panels on shoulders, common in 1920’s
4 Khaki trousers another inevitable part of every adventurer from the early 20th century
5 Blue bandana you are in the desert, and this is the best to keep your mouth and nose clear during sandstorm
6 Belt any kind of brown leather belt will be just fine
7 Gauntlet wristband Rick O’Connell usual wears one of those on his right hand
8 A pair of revolvers Rick O’Connell always carries a couple of guns with him
9 Shoulder Holsters Get two of these for each side

Rick O’Connell costume summary

Although there are several pieces of clothes, Rick’s costume isn’t that hard to make. He is wearing a classic 1920’s adventurous outfit, something that we’ve seen so many times on the screen. He’s a French legionary, so some of the key pieces are khaki trousers, white military shirt, and brown boots.

Of course, there are many additional parts, such as an old-school western-style shoulder gun rig, brown leather belt, bandana, and wristband. All in all, you will need many pieces of clothes, but none of them is hard to find.

About Rick O’Connell

Portrayed by Brendan Fraser, Rick O’Connell is the main protagonist of this successful adventure movie. He wasn’t always a treasure seeker. Moreover, his past was very honorable since he was a captain of French Foreign Legion. During one of their missions, he and his battalion found themselves in the middle of Egypt. Deep in the desert, they were fighting with Arabs. The battle was short and his complete battalion was smashed. While trying to escape, he found himself stuck in the old ruins of the city of Hamunaptra. Arabs were aware that the old city was cursed and didn’t want to chase him anymore.

Three years later, Rick O’Connell was imprisoned in Cairo. He was even sentenced to death, Evelyn Carnahan saved him. She was a perspective Egyptologist who knew all those about the Hamunaptra and legends about the secret treasure. Since Rick was probably one of few people to know where this ancient city was hidden, she appointed him as a guide. With his excellent combat skills and a great experience, he was a perfect companion for this dangerous adventure. Moreover, he saved her life for several times. Moreover, he managed to beat the mighty Imhotep, who came back from the dead with great magic power. So, after all these adventures, it was pretty much expected that Rick and Evelyn will fall in love, which eventually happened.