Dwight Schrute & Baby Schrute (The Office) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2022

How to make Dwight Schrute and Baby Schrute costume from The Office

Dwight Schrute Costume Items

Dwight Schrute Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Silver Framed Glasses with Cleared Lens Dwight always wear his small glasses so you need to find a silver framed old styled glasses with cleared lens.
2 Yellow Colored Short-Sleeved Shirt The crucial part of this shirt is color, you must get a yellow color right. But for the design, any simple ones would do.
3 Dark Neck Tie There’s no specific design that you have to get, only try to focus on looking for the darker colors so it will go with the character’s description.
4 Olive/Brown Colored Suit Jacket Match your shirt with a green+brown colored suit jacket, if you can’t find any then it can be replaced with any brown suit jackets.
5 Brown Leathered Belt Any ordinary brown formal leathered belts would be suitable for the look.
6 Brown/Tan Business Pants You can choose your pants in brown or tan color.
7 Calculator Watch Dwight is different & uses calculator watch which comes in handy.
8 Black Leathered Shoes Any pairs of black leathered formal shoes would be just perfect.
9 ID Badge Costume Prop.
10 The Office Dundie Award A fun way from The Office to award someone for something they should be proud of, and not!
11 Pager Prop Optional
12 Bobblehead Get Dwight Schrute figure from The Office bobbleheads staff collection.

Baby Schrute Costume Guide

# Item Description
1 Glasses with Cleared Lens Get an adult size old-fashioned glasses, so they will look huge and funny on a child’s face.
2 Mustard/Yellow Colored Shirt for Kids Go for the right color and keep the design simple.
3 Dark Neck Tie You can use the adult sized neck tie to dress the kids and it will look funny because the tie is too big.
4 Brown Pants for Kids You can choose your pants in brown color or tan colors.
5 Black Leathered Shoes for Kids Any pairs of black leathered formal shoes would be just perfect.
6 Name Tag We can use a name tag sticker and write Dwight’s name on it.

Dwight Schrute’s style is quite standout from other characters in the show. He more-than-often wears a mustard-colored short-sleeved shirt with dark tie and tan pants with formal shoes which becomes his most recognizable dressing style.

For the audience, they can never fail to guess it right when seeing Dwight’s outfit. When you’re dressed like him, act tough and uptight when you’re at it. We also add a child’s version of the character and called it ‘Baby Schrute,’ for if you have any children then you can have fun recreate this costume with them. Now let’s check the list

About Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute, played by Rainn Wilson, is one of the main characters in a popular American sitcom series The Office. Dwight is known for lacking of social skills and common sense, but those advantages don’t seem to be able to stop him from working as a salesman for the Scranton branch of the paper-goods distribution company Dunder Mifflin in the early seasons. In fact Dwight is a good salesman and when he teams up with Jim Halpert, the two can create an effective sales team despite his initial personal dislike of Jim. Therefore Dwight often proves that he’s good at everything he personally despises.

Because Dwight was a former volunteer sheriff’s deputy and had been trained, he did pick up a lot of tough manner and soldier-like discipline, and it also makes him crave for an authority over other people. He often speaks in intense manner like a soldier, even in casual conversations. Beside acting tough, Dwight often presents himself as Mr. know-it-all when in fact he’s quite naive, so he’s easily tricked and pranked by Jim.

Like Michael, Dwight regularly becomes a joke in the work place, but he is actually a good man. In the late seasons, Dwight’s relationship with Jim grows to be a healthy friendship after Jim saves Dwight from losing his job.