3 Hole Punch, Dave & Bookface - Jim Halpert Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

Jim Halpert’s Costume Items

Jim Halpert Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 ID Badge Since Jim wears typical office outfits, to stand out you’ll need his ID Badge
2 Light Blue Buttoned Down Shirt with Long Sleeve Because of his job, Jim has to wear a buttoned down shirt with long sleeve. This is the type of shirt you should look for, however you’re free to choose any colors you want.
3 Neck Tie Look for an ordinary working neck tie, not the fashion type, and make sure it’s matched with your shirt.
4 Black Leather Belt This is also simple, you can pick any black working belts you prefer.
5 Khakis or Black Pant Look for an ordinary pair of office pants.
6 Black Leather Loafer Shoes Find a pair of shoes that would fit with an office environment, something formal and nice looking.
7 Classic Watch Wear a classic looking watch, maybe with a leathered belt, to add a nice detail on your costume.
8 Messenger Bag Jim often carries a messenger bag, so you should get one to complete the look.
9 The Office Dundie Award A fun way from The Office to award someone for something they should be proud of, and not!
10 Bobblehead Get Jim Halpert figure from The Office bobbleheads staff collection.
11 Black Circles If recreating 3 hole punch jim costume.
12 Sticker Get a red stick with text “Hello My name is” for his Dave look

Jim’s All Halloween Costumes in the series

His most popular costumes are 3 hole punch, Bookface, My name is Dave. These are lazy as he doesn’t like wearing costumes for Halloween.

Jim Halpert’s Format Outfitf in The Office

Jim Halpert’s outfits speak of his career as an office worker. He always wears something formal like a long sleeve buttoned down shirt with neck tie and working pants with formal shoes. Also, he often has a messenger bag with him. And so Jim’s style is not at all difficult to recreate.

About Jim Halpert

In a wide-popular American comedy sitcom The Office, John Krasinski plays one of the main characters named Jim Halpert. The character of Jim is introduced as a salesman at Dunder Mifflin-Sabre until he’s got fired. Not long after he starts his own company called Athlead.

His relationship with the other character named Pam Beesly is one of the main plot line in the early seasons. Jim and Pam are good friends and he enjoys making fun out of her, then he realizes that he has a feeling for her although she’s engaged with somebody else. Soon after, Pam also starts to develop the mutual feeling towards Jim to the point that she decides to call off her own wedding and break up with her fiance. Jim then begins the relationship with Pam, which leads to marriage and children.

On the relationship with other characters, Jim turns out to be a very likable man because he’s easy going, sincere, and spontaneous, on top of everything, he loves pranking people.