Michael Scott / Prison Mike / Date Mike (The Office) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

Michael Scott Costume from The Office

Because of his position as a manager, Micheal Scott always wear a nice-looking suit. To dress like him is far from difficult, you just need to find a decent suit and some other accessories. Talking about accessories, you can’t forget to buy ‘the world’s best boss’ cup for it is his favorite item and every character knows that. Now let’s check the list!

Michael Scott Outfits items

Michael Scott Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Buttoned Down Shirt What you need is just a basic working shirt in light color.
2 Neck Tie Even though any neck ties would work, you have to make sure the color’s matched with the shirt.
3 Suit Jacket You should look for an ordinary suit jacket, but it should be black or gray.
4 Working Pants Any long office pants would be perfect, but keep in mind that you’ll need the color that matches with your suit jacket.
5 Men Watch Go for something classic like black/brown leathered belt watches.
6 Black Leathered Formal Shoes Any black formal shoes for men are perfect.
7 ID Badge To stand out you’ll need an ID.
8 The World’s Best Boss Cup Holding this cup while you’re in the costume and people will instantly know who you are.
9 The Office Dundie Award A fun way from The Office to award someone for something they should be proud of, and not!
10 Bobblehead Get Micheal Scott figure from The Office bobbleheads staff collection.
11 Purple Bandana If you are going as Prison Mike
12 Flat Cap If going as Date mike.

About Michael Scott

Michael Gary Scott, played by Steve Carell, is a character in a popular American comedy sitcom The Office. Micheal is a branch manager for his own company, and later for Dunder Mifflin Sabre, making him the employer of many characters in the show, and for that he’s so proud of his ‘the world’s best boss’ cup. Micheal is the type character who likes to say That’s what she said! along with other sexual involved jokes even in the most inappropriate time, but that’s what makes him one of the most funny guys in the show.

Adding to his so-bad-so-good character, Michel is unbelievably lacking in every kind of skill, even in something he should be good at because of his professional position like management, nevertheless he often overestimates himself to his employees and often criticizes them for what they do. Therefore, other characters in the series kind of take him as a joke rather than an employer, Jim once made a color graph to show Michael’s habit in the work place which comes down to 99% of “distracting others” and “procrastination” while spending 1% doing a “critical thinking.”

Despite Micheal’s silly attitude, people kind of feel comfortable around him and actually enjoy his company, and that really makes him ‘the world’s best boss.